Japanese Bank Offers Roulette at ATMs

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Possibly to encourage customers to use their ATMs more, a Japanese bank plans to woo customers with an opportunity to try their hand at Lady Luck with a free roulette spin after any ATM transaction.

After launching an on-screen slot machine game last August at automatic teller machines around Japan, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ltd will offer their customers a free roulette spin after they finish their transaction. A lucky spin wins the customer a prize of around $10.

“Using ATMs is impersonal and lacks communication,” a spokesman for Ogaki Kyoritsu explained. “We wanted to add some fun.”

September 13 will see the launch of the free roulette spin 32 Vegas promotion at 134 of the bank’s branches around Japan.

The free roulette spin is Ogaki Kyoritsu’s second attempt in their efforts to make transactions at their ATMs more interesting. Last year, customers had the option of winning either an ATM fee waiver or $10 with a free slots spin.

“Our customers enjoy it very much,” the spokesman said.

Slots and roulette – surely a hand of blackjack would be popular too?

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